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Do You Need Custom Fences for Your Property?

Most of the time, the typical straight-line fence is perfect. It can delineate lot lines, join with others to form a box-like dog enclosure, and block the view between you and someone who likes to look into your yard a bit too much. However, standard fencing isn't always the solution. In these cases, you need custom fences to get the job done right.


One of the most common reasons to get custom fences is for improved appearances. Topping a wood fence with lattice work or making it from a double row of offset slats gives it an upscale appearance that a plain one can't match.


A custom fence can also let you meet goals that a straight one won't. A round animal enclosure, for example, is nonstandard but purely functional. You can make fenced-in areas almost any shape by going the custom route.

Landscape Design

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