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Is a Gazebo a Good Landscape Design Element?

When you're considering a new landscape design, it's important to factor in things that will complement the grass and other plants. These include decks, walkways, and other hard elements. One of the most impressive things of this sort is a gazebo.


Like pergolas and pavilions, gazebos are building-like structures that are clearly defined and can house a number of activities. They are different in that they are usually of a more rounded shape, typically made up of several straight panels arranged at angles that would allow them to connect if it wasn't for a blank entrance area. Octagons are popular, but it's possible to have far more than eight sides if you choose.


A gazebo builder will also mention that these structures have solid roofs. If the roof of your gazebo is vented, you'll be able to barbecue safely and still remain dry in a light rain. However, the sides are typically left open, which means that in a hard rain, water will spray in from the sides. If your goal is to stay dry in all weather, you'll need to add glass or another barrier. Since one of the points of a gazebo is to enjoy the view, you should make sure that such rain barriers are clear.


Unlike with some other yard buildings, a gazebo builder will typically add a railing, supported by vertical slats, to the gazebo. This makes it easy to lean out and enjoy the view. It also adds the expected structural style.


Gazebos make great focal points for landscape design. They're also beautiful, so they're popular backdrops for weddings and other events. Since they come in many sizes, it's easy to get one that fits your yard perfectly.

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