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Great Deck Design Brings Your Outdoor Space to Life

A great deck is more than just a platform made of wood or composite boards. Just like a patio, it should have custom elements that make it unique and allow it to perfectly fit your lifestyle. Therefore, it's worth it to put some more thought into deck design.


The first thing to consider is the desired size and location of the deck. Long, thin ones can run along the house and serve as excellent uncovered porches, but this is just one possibility. A big square one allows for the placement of more furniture, can be used for outdoor parties, and leaves extra room for barbecuing. The square type can be attached to the house for easy access to the inside, or it can go out in the yard so that the space around it can be used for overflow crowds.


Patio design has the same basic considerations, but there is one big difference: Patios are usually made of pavers, stones, or tiles, so they sit flat on the ground. This just makes it so that you may need steps going down to the patio from the house. It can be customized like a deck in the other ways.


Another important consideration is any covering you may want. If you'd like to keep container plants outside, an uncovered version is best. Most plants can't live in the shade, even if it looks bright to you. If you'd rather use the area yourself, without plants, it's usually better for a Texas deck design to include a slatted roof to provide shade without entirely blocking out the sun. This can cover the entire thing or only a key part.


Coverings can also be included in patio design, as can upgrades like built-in fireplaces. Talk to a designer for more ideas.

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