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Why Add a Pergola to Your Deck?

There are many reasons to add a pergola to your deck, but surprisingly, shelter isn't one of them. While the slatted or lattice roof of the structure may provide some shade, extra screening is typically needed to really bring relief from the afternoon sun. Instead, a pergolas builder will mention increased property values, and note that vines can run across the roof for a more natural look. The four open sides can also be covered with fabrics to provide privacy.


One of the other reasons people add pergolas is simply to create visual structure in the landscape. For this, the pergolas builder will do his work in a place that will hold a garden, sitting area, or other such location. Many people also add them over patios and decks in order to further delineate these areas from the rest of the yard.


For those who want a structure with a solid roof, there is the pavilion. A yard pavilion has four open sides like a pergola, but replaces the slatted roof with a solid one that is typically covered with shingles. If you stand in the middle of a pavilion on a rainy day, you won't get wet. When combined with a vent to allow carbon monoxide to escape, you can even barbecue under it.


It is important to note that cheap-looking versions of either structure will decrease property values rather than raise them. Therefore, it's important to get an expert pavilion builder to do the job. A good pavilion builder won't just install one from a kit, but can also design one that looks great on your property. Contact a pavilion or pergola builder today to learn more about your options.

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