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Eliminate Aggravation with Top Tier Fence and Tree Services

Even though many people like the looks of open property, it comes with many drawbacks. The first is encapsulated with the phrase, "good fences make good neighbors." Without a fence, there will usually be tension about whose lot ends where; the line being breached by vehicles, people and pets; and other such problems. The best way to avoid this sort of trouble is to get fence installation immediately upon moving into your house, or failing that, as soon as possible. It won't be long before the neighbors accept that they can't just go as far over as they "feel" is right.


Trees provide a great amount of benefits to not only our homes, but our communities, and workplaces. Trees that are planted in the right spots of your yard help shade your roofs, walls and windows and therefore reduces energy consumption within your home. Trees help save energy and money on your utility bills by keeping your home nice and cool. Trees also add so much beauty to your landscape, which can increase your property value. This is why you need great tree services to help you maintain said trees. Which tree services? Well, us of course! We are Plata Landscaping, the number one fence and tree services company in the Waco area.


Occasionally, all fences need repair. Because of this, fence companies typically offer fence services as well as installation. Most of the time, the repairs will only involve a section or two of fencing. Fence services can also handle projects like staining a wood fence.

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